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Shared Ownership / Staircasing Valuations

Why is it a valuation is required?

If you are looking to or ready to buy a greater share in your property, you will need an independent valuation to be able to understand how much the additional share will costs.

Staircasing refers to increasing the share of equity in a property, which you can do in increments of at least 10% and up to a maximum of three times.

As you increase your ownership, your monthly rents will go down but your monthly mortgage will go up.

In order to know what your new share in equity is, you need to have the property valued so that you can then negotiate with the other share of the property and this will determine the monthly rent and mortgage.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we can provide valuations for shared ownership/staircasing. All our valuations are produced under the RICS Redbook format and comply with the RICS Redbook Guidance Rules.


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