What is a Dilapidations Survey?

What is a Dilapidations Survey and Schedule of Dilapidations?

A Dilapidations survey is a highly detailed survey and report into the current condition of a building, from the physical structure and systems to issues involving furnishings and general wear and tear. They are generally undertaken at the time of lease expiry by a qualified commercial building surveyor.

The dilapidations survey is usually instructed by the landlord of the property and involves assessing the building or property of its condition and comparing with the condition of the property at the start of a lease. It is important to note that a comparison is usually from the schedule of condition or evidence of the condition the  property was at the start of the lease, from say’ photographs.

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What is included?

A completed report from a dilapidation survey will include a summary of the relevant lease obligations, a schedule (called a Schedule of Dilapidation), which will include a Scott Schedule, setting out the breaches in relation to repair, reinstatement and decoration, a proposal for remediating the breach and budget costs. The schedule of dilapidation should also include a Chartered Building Surveyors endorsement and if it is issued post lease expiry. A Quantified Demand should also be provided setting out the full extent of a landlords claim.

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