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Matrimonial or Divorce Valuations

What is it I need a valuation?

To ensure that the saleable equity of the marital property is divided fairly, it is necessary to obtain a valuation. In fact it is a legal requirement as part of a divorce. Your solicitor will advise in ,more detail why one is required, but you should be aware that any valuation requested is undertaken by an RICS Redbook compliant firm. 

If you are looking to obtain a valuation of the marital home, then we can help. At Dunham Hale Surveyors, all our staff are understanding and compassionate. But we’re also practical and efficient when providing valuations for matrimonial purposes and divorce.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we can provide valuations for probate. All our valuations are produced under the RICS Redbook format and comply with the RICS Redbook Guidance Rules.

All our valuations remain valid for 12 weeks, due to the volatility of the UK property market. At the end of 12 weeks you will need to obtain a new valuation.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we can provide you with an accurate and impartial market valuation. For further information,
please give us a call.


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