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Probate and Inheritance Tax Valuations

Why do I need a valuation?

Saying goodbye to a close friend, family member or spouse is never easy. And while you want to spend time grieving with your loved ones, you’re expected to handle legal issues, such as resolving the deceased’s affairs and distributing assets according to their wishes. Dealing with such a traumatic experience takes time. But the same doesn’t need to be true when it comes to getting a deceased’s affairs in order – and you don’t need to do it alone.
At Dunham Hale Surveyors, all our staff are understanding and compassionate. But we’re also practical and efficient when providing probate, inheritance and capital gains tax valuations because we know such matters need dealing with quickly.
At Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors, we can provide valuations for probate. All our valuations are produced under the RICS Redbook format and comply with the RICS Redbook Guidance Rules.

All our valuations remain valid for 12 weeks, due to the volatility of the UK property market. At the end of 12 weeks you will need to
obtain a new valuation.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we are experienced in providing this type of valuation and understand the requirements of
what is required for a Probate valuation.


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