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Drone Roof Surveys

What is a Drone Roof Survey?

We hear a lot about surveyors recommending a roof survey by a roofing contractor. Although some roofing contractors will provide independent advice, most won’t as they have an interest in your business and in most cases will advise repairs to obtain your business.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we provide independent tailored advice and won’t recommend you replace a roof or repair it unless it really does need it.

This is where our Drone Roof Survey service is ideal and where using a Drone Aircraft will help to identify close up issues or defects that may not be visible from ground level. The cost of a drone survey is a small sum compared to advice from a roofing contractor who advise a full roof, which in most cases are £10,000 plus. Finally, by instructing a Drone Survey, you will have evidence readily available to present to the vendor if replacement, repairs or defects of high level areas are required, The Drone Survey will be a useful as a negotiation tool when deciding what you want to pay for the property.

What can a Drone Roof Survey be Useful for?

A Drone Survey is useful when parts of a roof are hidden from view, or the roof is too high, such as 3 or more storeys high. It can also be ideal on larger property or high-rise buildings where access is either not possible or the limitations of a ground level survey provide little or no advice. Please give our team a call or send us a message via the contact us links on our website. 

A drone Survey will inspect the following:

  • Chimney Stacks, Hidden Chimney Stacks or Hidden Roof Areas
  • Hidden Flat Roofs or Hidden Flashing Areas
  • Hidden Valley Gutters and Parapets
  • Guttering, Flashings or Hidden Rooflights


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