Commercial Building Surveys

What is a Commercial Building Survey?

A commercial building survey is tailored towards commercial property and is needed when you are purchasing the property. If you are leasing the property, we would advise you obtain a Schedule of Condition, which is a different type of survey. A small example of the types of property that a commercial building survey is required for, are as follows:
  • Retail Property
  • Schools
  • Industrial Units
  • Office Units or Blocks
  • Hotels, Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts
  • HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupation)
  • Mixed Use Property (A Retail Unit and Flat above)

A commercial building survey, or condition survey as it is sometimes referred to, will help you make a decision on your investment of purchasing a commercial property. Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors can advise on all aspects of the property. A commercial building survey differs from that of a residential survey, such as an RICS Level 3 Building Survey. The reasons for this are mainly concerned with its use.

Whereas a residential property will most likely be occupied by one family, a commercial building will be used by the public and in the case of a retail or office building, thousands people a year may use it. For this reason, there are strict regulations in place for their use.

You should opt for a commercial building survey if you are purchasing a commercial property. The cost of a commercial building survey invariably is higher due to the complexities of a commercial building and the time required to carry out the work.

Why Should I Have a Commercial Building Survey?

A Commercial Building Survey, sometimes called a Condition Survey, is the most in-depth and comprehensive report available for commercial property and provides a detailed picture of the property’s construction and condition.

With a Commercial Building Survey, an RICS qualified surveyor carries out a thorough inspection of the property, complimented by a detailed report of the inspection. By opting for a Commercial Building Survey, you can be sure you’re receiving an impartial assessment of the property from Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors and that your allocated surveyor will adhere to industry best practice standards and provide advice on the relevant legislation applicable and the defects to the property. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to the cost of any repairs and allow you to renegotiate on the property or walk away altogether.

Whilst we offer a standalone Commercial Building Survey, you can also opt for our add-on service of a detailed walkthrough of the issues using our Bespoke Client Surveying Service, which is about more than just the survey report. We provide the one-one care and advice as your personal surveyor and help you make an informed decision.


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