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RICS Level 1 Condition Report

What is an RICS Level 1 Condition Report?

An RICS Level 1 Condition Report is a very basic report and is generally designed to provide peace of mind and facilitate new property or new apartments. It’s reporting nature is a brief overview and to tell you exactly the issues in quick bullet points or a basic list.

We would only advise that you obtain this type of report as part of the process of buying a property between 1-5 years old or a new property.

An RICS Level 1 Condition Report provides you with a professional account of the property’s condition on the date of inspection, helping you to be confident in the home that you are buying. As the least detailed survey type you can choose, it gives a basic overview; no advice or valuation is provided in this survey.

An RICS Level 1 Condition Report is targeted at conventional properties that are new or nearly new. The property must be in reasonable condition, with an easily accessible maintenance history. This type of survey is not usually appropriate for buildings that are more than 5 years old, those of non-standard construction or properties with known defects.
Dunham Hale Surveyors will carry out an inspection of the property, including the visible interior and exterior, as well as permanent outbuildings and boundary structures. You will then receive a report describing the property’s current condition and details about its construction.
If any serious concerns or problems are identified the report will highlight them in an easy-to-follow ‘traffic light’ system so that you can address them appropriately with the seller, or a specialist contractor.
An RICS Level 1 Condition Report may also point out legal aspects of your property, such as planning & building control issues or access rights, that should be investigated by your legal advisers as part of the conveyancing process before you exchange contracts.

It is a report designed for standard constructed property and to be a quick report for peace of mind and reassurance of the condition of the property. In theory a 10 year old property may not have any defects, but most do. At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we can take the stress out of this process and provide you with professional advice to allow you to progress and know what you are buying before you sign contracts on your dream home.


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