Party Wall Surveyor Fees

How much are the fees for a party wall surveyor?

In determining the fees we charge, we usually look at each instruction on its own merits. A commercial party wall job may costs considerably more than that of a residential instruction.

Generally you are looking at between £500 and £1500 for a simple residential instruction and upwards of £1500 for a commercial instruction. 

It this point, it should be noted that the above fees are for our instruction as building owners surveyor and therefore if we are instructed as an adjoining owners surveyor the fees will differ. 

It should be considered that if you are the building owner, under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, you will be responsible for paying all consultants fees, including but not limited to the buildings owners surveyor fees, adjoining owner surveyor fees, any engineers and any disbursements required in order to complete the work and compliance in line with the Party Wall etc Act 1996.


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