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Sale or Purchase Valuations

Do I need a valuation?

A market valuation isn’t always needed, however its sometimes a good idea to get a valuation if you cannot agree with the vendor the price of the property you want to agree or if you have obtained a Level 3 Building Survey and the defects highlighted are considerable.

A purchase or sale valuation are effectively the same type of valuation, except that the seller may wish to know how much to market the property for or the buyer may wish to know if they are paying too much for the property. In either case, a valuation can be an effective negotiation tool to obtain the correct valuation on the property to satisfy your peace of mind.

At Dunham Hale Surveyors, we can provide valuations for both cases. All our valuations are produced under the RICS Redbook format and comply with the RICS Redbook Guidance Rules.

We can advise that an Estate Agents valuation is not a market valuation, likewise a lenders valuation may not be accurate as the valuation produced by a lender only advises what the property is worth, and is suitable for the money being borrowed and not the total amount of the property.


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