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Snagging Surveys

New Build Snagging Surveys

Snagging Surveys or a Snagging List as they’re sometimes referred to, are a must when buying a new build property Why may you ask? Well, a new build property should be in immaculate condition, right? However, when you move in, this isn’t always the case. The reasons for this can sometimes be due to poor workmanship by the builder, rushed work due to tight timeframes, incompatible materials used, wrong mortar mixes for brickwork or ill-fitting fixtures and fittings. We have even seen windows installed upside down.

Recent news articles regarding new build property suggest that over half of new-build properties are hiding defects, even though they’ve never had a previous owner.

Worse still, a recent article highlighted that the average new build contained between 50 and 150 defects. So should you spend your money on a brand-new home? The answer is yes, however there is a ‘BUT’ and that ‘BUT’ simply means you need to obtain a snagging survey, which could save you thousands of pounds.

At Dunham Hale Chartered Surveyors, we are a dedicated and modern team of property professionals with passion in providing a quality tailored surveying service. Get one of our snagging surveys, and you won’t go out of pocket if your future home is hiding any defects.


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